Modular Sound Design Environment

Palette & Keyboard
January 13, 2019

In the current development build we updated the palette, added the ability to save/load designers, added a new keyboard message, fixed compatibility with VST hosts, and fixed some other issues.

// You can load patches / save your selected nodes as files on your drive without using any external software.

// Clipboard fix:

- Right clicking wont erase your clipboard anymore.

// Undo fix:

- More events are saved in the undo history now. This makes undoing more intuitive.

// Keyboard compatibility update:

- Keyboard messages, such as copy / paste should work without the need of external windows or bridgeing in every DAW.

// New keyboard message:

- Now you can use CTRL + X to cut the selection.

// Palette update:

- The palette received a new row, which includes 4 icons at this phase of the development: copy / paste / load designer / save selection.