Modular Sound Design Environment

Delay fix and node enhancements
January 6, 2019

Delay nodes got enhanced, and some nodes received new output plugs that can make patching easier.

// 1pole filter node enhancement

- The 1pole filter module received a Hipass filter output.

// Delay related nodes now work sample rate independent

- Delay buffer sizes are declared now in milliseconds instead of samples. This way the maximum delay length is sample rate independent. Affected nodes: Delay (max. delay size: 2000 ms), Comb filter (max. delay size: 2000 ms), Allpass filter (max. delay size: 2000 ms), Gated delay (max. delay size: 5000ms), Delay bank (max. delay size: 2000 ms)

// Crossfade GUI node enhancement

- Crossfade modulated received another output plug. The new plug (x) outputs the modulated crossfade value.

// Gain Lin node got a new output

- Gain Lin also received a new output (V). The new plug outputs the modulated gain level.

// Trg -> Gate got a new output

- Trg -> Gate node received a new output plug as well. The new output outputs the modulated time.